We are committed to protect our planet.

We build narratives, and develop a storytelling framework for organizations and individuals.

We align our talent resources with key impact strategies, produce communication events,  and develop conscious products.


Our teams provide all creative direction, program(s) development and full scale production services.


None of the work we are doing at HALEVAI is possible without the clear understanding that we must protect the life support system of our planet. The ocean covers two thirds of the our planet’s surface and provides the major source of  income to some of our poorest communities. We see a rise in global temperatures, acidification, systemic pollution and overfishing resulting in a rise in sea levels that threatens the lives of billions of people living in or near coastal communities. We will look to our ocean for answers, protect its fragility and harness its immense power.


Energy is required to move humans around our world. Governments, municipalities, corporations and individuals that adopt energy efficient solutions will drive our future economy. We have a particular interest in the advancement of electric motor boat propulsion systems and given the pollution of the sea caused by marine vehicles using fossil fuels for propulsion we are also interested in exploring other energy engineering solutions, including renewable energy, clean- tech, carbon capture, sequestration and green energy.


Jacques Cousteau often repeated the words of Baba Dioum, "In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught." (Baba Dioum, 1968.) Embracing the power of education and its relation to love is our goal. Indeed, AI, robotics and automation are threatening the jobs and incomes of many workers. Therefore, education, re-skilling, re-training are critical in ensuring that all individuals can thrive in a hyper digital economy. Education is critical among  minority communities, where too many are often left behind which leads to a lack of equal economic opportunity as adults.


We are what we eat and many of us are in danger of losing our major food sources (overfishing, mismanagement and acidification lead quickly to population scarcity in our world's oceans; and desertification, fires and crop failures are severely damaging agricultural output) Much of our diets have being replaced with highly processed foods, high in processed sugar, with little nutrition. Livestock farming is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. New sources of highly nutrient rich, plant based foods are growing to scale and will replace animal proteins. We are at the start of a complete food revolution, including indoor vertical farming, and other innovations in food production


We are in the midst of the greatest  material innovation cycle in human history. The materials we select to embrace and scale (or not) are directly related to the strain we put on all of our systems. Sustainable renewable and eco friendly materials are the way of the future. Together we will redesign our future and the materials that shape it.


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